Wagering requirements are one of the conditions we have to accept as online gamers. If you do not know how it all works then check out our article on ‘Wagering Requirements – What they are and how they work’ for a little more guidance. But we are not here to specifically explore the pros and cons of welcome bonuses, this time we are going to focus on casino game weighting.

Casino Game WeightingCasino game weighting is really only relevant to those of you who end up with wagering requirements from a welcome bonus or regular promotion, which is why we have mentioned it above. It is expressed as a percentage and tends to be split by each game available. So not only will there be specific percentages for each variety of game, such as mobile slots, bingo and casino. But you can drill that down to specific games such as blackjack, poker and even each slot games could have its own weighting.

As you bet on each specific game, the percentage will be used to reduce the requirements of any bonus you have taken.

Casino Table Game vs Slot Game Weighting

Slot games tend to have a 100% weighting. So for every penny that you credit to your account and bet, you will reduce the wagering terms. Again, we have seen specific slot games which have been lower than the 100%, so if you are working towards getting rid of your wagering requirements then you may want to ensure you pick another game.

When it comes to table casino games this is when you will see a difference, with blackjack averaging around 10% and roulette about 25%. So, by playing £1 on slots you will remove £1 from your tally, but for £1 on real money roulette it would only be 10p. Online Craps have the lowest game weighting percentage of just 5%.

Why such a huge percentage difference you may wonder, well it is basically because blackjack and roulette are games with a lower house edge. Although the slot games you play may have a high RTP (Return to Player), the house will still have a high return. So, when you consider the percentage to the returns, this does average it out and create fairness for the player and the casino. If you are working through a welcome bonus requirement, then it may be the better option to choose slot games. But we would pick lower risk games, so you don’t fly through your credit.

It can be difficult to determine what the standard casino game weighting is on some sites, but others such as Bet365 and Betfair have specific pages which provide a full list. Because wagering requirements and weighting is an industry staple now, you will find that it’s the same on most casino, bingo and slot sites. So, if you find your preferred game on one site such as Betfair Casino, then you would expect it to be the same on others. But it is always worth messaging the site or heading to live chat to make sure before you begin to wager.

Hopefully, this has explained what standard game weighting is and how it connects to slot games and welcome terms and conditions. It is important to be aware of this because the games or slots  you choose, will affect when you can remove any winnings from your account. Of course, you can always choose not to take any bonuses and promotions and as such none of this will apply; bonuses are also not applicable to Boku casino payments. But sometimes it is nice to enjoy a little extra, whether its free spins or no deposit bonus credit.