As you can imagine we’ve always been huge fans of pay by phone bill, whether that’s with Boku or Payforit. But once in a while we like to step out of our comfort zone and dabble with something new. Of course, we have to let you all know about it to and that’s why we’re bringing you everything we know about the option for landline casino payments UK.

If you are over the age of forty then you’ll be completely aware of what a telephone landline is. But for the youngsters out there who live on their mobiles, this may be a new option you can use to pay for your casino or slots games, rather than just being the only way your Nan will contact you.

Pay by landline casino is possible because of the innovative changes made to the BT payment technology. This has been a slow process of introduction, so many online gamers aren’t aware that landline banking is even an option.

This billing payment is ideal for those older generation gamers who prefer to use a method they are comfortable with. So, let us provide a little more detail about how you can deposit casino credit using a BT landline and a few of our favourite slot sites with exciting welcome bonuses.

To give you a quick breakdown, this article will:

  • Explain what landline casino banking is and how to do it,
  • List a few of our favourite casino and slot sites who offer BT landline payments,
  • List any benefits or issues with using this method, instead of the usual bank cards or even mobile phone billing.

Current Casinos with Landline Deposit in the UKlandline casino payments online

Monster Casino

With an exciting platform known for quality and a huge quantity of games, Monster Casino is a great site for those who are looking for a casino that has it all. This includes real time gaming which offers seamless visual and sound effects such as live Roulette or Live Poker.

Boyle Casino

Not just a casino brand, but also a well renowned sports brand too, so this provides an element of trust for players. They have an extensive library of games, whether you’re into slots, table casino or bingo games. There’s even a nice welcome bonus to get you started, with a lower than average wagering requirement attached.

What is Casino Landline Billing and How Does it Work?

Over the past few years, the number of online gamers using mobile phone banking has sharply risen. This isn’t a complete surprise, especially with the financial security issues that can be found with online sites. The use of your mobile phone bill meant stronger security and minimising the use of your bank details, so it was a win win for many.

This popularity didn’t only occur with mobile contracts, it extended across to landlines but for some reason many people don’t know about the ability to use your BT bill, Virgin Media or TalkTalk contracts.

On top of concerns about fraud, for many players the use of casino landline billing led to reduced fees, faster processing times and increased limits. All of which are essential aspects for experienced gamers when they choose a new site or banking method.

Now we are not saying that there aren’t better options out there than using your BT landline for casino credit. Of course, some of the other options such as Paypal only require a few taps or clicks and you are done. But landline banking should not be disregarded so easily because they come with a raft of benefits and they may open up your online gaming world which was previously reduced by your chosen payment option. Also, many of the landline providers will only work with trusted casino brands, so this in a sense will provide you with an element of security.

Let us break down landline slots payments step by step:

  • Choose your Casino or Slot Site – To start off you need to pick a casino or slot site! It’s as simple as that and it is why we’ve given you a few options of our top choices. So rather than trying to determine who takes landline billing, you are playing great games. It’s important that as well as the option of paying by landline, you also have other reasons to join the site including great welcome bonuses, promotions, and various games such as progressive jackpots.
  • Register and Opt for Casino Landline Billing – Once you click on the register button, you’ll be asked for a few details including your email address. When you come to the section for banking you can choose either BT Landline or the usual Phone Bill Payments. If you opt for landline then you will be required to provide two pieces of information. Firstly, the amount of credit you wish to deposit, although bear in mind that this may be capped. Secondly you will need to give your landline number, which is exactly the same if you were banking using your mobile phone bill. The slight difference to SMS deposit payments is that instead of receiving a text to your mobile, you will get a call to your landline to verify the information. You will not be required to provide any financial details; this is simply to ensure that no fraudulent activities have occurred. The automated operator will request that you follow a process to ensure the activity is legitimate and once that is completed then the payment will be made. We would advise that you remain online and wait for the call to completely finish before hanging up. If you fail to complete verification then the crediting process will not be finalised.
  • Time to Spin those Reels – Once the transaction is completed then you can begin playing on the site. Again, please be aware that when you register with landline banking or mobile banking, there tends to be a cap on the maximum you can credit. This is to protect the more vulnerable players out there from overextending themselves. When it comes to paying for your credit then you will simply pay your landline provider. The amounts you have requested will appear in your monthly landline bill from BT, Virgin Media or TalkTalk.

Benefits of Depositing Casino Credit on Landline

casinos with landline depositFast Transfer – One of the more irritating issues with some payment methods, is the fact that you have to wait a period of time before funds are transferred into your account. For most of us we want the funds added pretty much immediately. This is where the phone contract-based payments are handy, because after you have verified your account and the amount, it will be transferred straight away.

Increased Financial Security – For a lot of people this is the main reason why they use landline and mobile contract payments. If you use the usual debit cards then for each casino or slot site you register with, you will need to add your bank details. With BT landline banking you only need to provide you phone number, because the providers have all your other details already.

Easier to Manage Your Gambling Budget – You’ve probably already worked out that by using landline banking for your casino credit, that you have the opportunity of playing now and paying it off at a later date. This gives you the opportunity to balance your funds through the month, to ensure that you don’t go over budget. We would always say to our readers that this payment method should never be used as a type of credit card. But it is handy to be able to work out your spends as you go and pay them off then the bill comes through. As with SMS deposit you have a max limit of £30 per day when you initially register. This was introduced to protect the vulnerable players out there, but it’s still plenty of funds to enjoy. The max amount may increase over time for the high rollers out there, but that will be decided by the landline provider.

Problems with Using BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media Landline Deposit

Limited Deposit of £30 – This one provides beneficial elements such as managing your budget and helping those who may spend more than they can afford. But for those of you who have always spent a little more on your gaming time it can feel like a nuisance. You can choose more than one banking method for your gaming, but this would defeat the object of improving your financial security.

Unable to Withdraw Using Landline BT – Unfortunately, banking with landline is only for depositing credit into your account and not withdrawing. So, if you win and want to remove your funds, then you will need to use a fast payout casino banking option. Sadly, this does remove the main benefit of using this method, but it’s still incredibly popular with players.

Few Casino’s with Landline Deposit Option – Although there has been an explosion in the number of sites offering Boku Casino deposits, sadly landline hasn’t had the same response. This is why we have recommended a few sites for you, to make finding a quality casino much easier. Most sites tend to follow the more modern options and obviously landline is classed as antiquated and dying out. The one tip we would give is that if a casino offers phone bill payments, then there is a chance that they will also offer landline casino too.

Slot Games and Casino Games on BT Landline Casino Deposit UK

bt landline casino sitesAlthough the number of gaming sites who offer landline deposit may be far less than the usual bank cards, that doesn’t mean you won’t find lots of gaming. There are other sites out there which offer landline via BT, but we have brought you some top-class casino sites above and they offer lots of slots, casino, live casino and progressive jackpots. Many of these are featured favourites such as Gonzo’s Quest or Rainbow Riches, but we always recommend trying something new, as it could become your new favourite.

Other Casino Banking Methods Instead of Landline Deposits

Boku Mobile Casino Deposit – We’ve already touched upon phone bill banking through this article and that’s because it’s so similar to landline billing it would be silly not to. The process is pretty much the same, expect you will get a text rather than a call to verify the transaction amount. Then any credit you deposit will be added to your mobile phone bill and you pay it off as you normally would. You can also use prepaid credit you may not have used and cannot see yourself using for phone calls.

Prepaid Cards (Paysafe Card, Neosurf) – This method involves having a pre-purchased card which you can top up online. To confirm any transactions you make, you will need a PIN code, similar to how you would with 3d secure payments, once verified the money will be transferred. This is similar to phone bill payments in that you can balance your budget and there are often limits on the amount you can credit.

E-Wallets or Debit Cards – Probably the most popular banking method and for good reason. The transaction process is normally pretty instant and there tends to be no commission fees for the likes of Paypal online deposits or Skrill online deposits. Unlike boku casino payments there is also quick withdrawal times and it will be for higher amounts than prepaid cards.