As much as we love Boku casino payments, their biggest flaw is the fact you can’t withdraw any winnings. Which despite being a speedy way to load your account, doesn’t make it a fast payout casino banking method. So when selecting a new gambling site there are many factors to take in to account, with instant withdrawal options being one of them.

There is nothing worse than when you win real money online playing slots, only to have to wait to withdraw any winnings. So wouldn’t it be great if there were fast and instant withdrawal casino sites. Luckily various banking options offer quick access to your cash and they are widely offered at some of the best UK casinos.

Best Online Casinos that Payout FastBest Instant Withdrawal Online Casinos that Payout Fast

These fast payout casino sites not only offer the quickest banking options, they also have excellent customer service teams to help speed up that process; especially for new customers who are looking for instant casino bonus withdrawals.

Why the Delay

If you are a new player, then a casino is obligated by licencing laws to verify your documents. This is where some operators fall short, with poor customer service staff or internal processes; which mean you could be waiting days or up to weeks in some cases. This is why by selecting any sites listed here, you can be assured of a fast withdrawal casino.

Finding a Fast Withdrawal Casino

When looking for a quick pay casino, there are various aspects you absolutely have to take in to account. Welcome and existing customer bonuses are definitely a factor worth considering and for good reason. Most bonuses now come with strict wagering requirements, in some cases these are extortionate; also often tied to specific banking methods. So although they may be appealing, they may actually slow down the withdrawal process. After all, what’s the point in winning a stack of cash only to have to deposit an equivalent amount in order to access it! Although there are a small handful who will let you keep what you win from a welcome bonus.

You also have to be sure the casino has what you want, so a vast range of online slots and table games are a huge advantage. But it goes without saying that there is one essential element when selecting an instant withdrawal casino.

Casino banking options are obviously the main component when wanting to get hold of those winnings. Admittedly it can be a little daunting when you see a whole host of payment and withdrawal options. But fortunately for you we outline the fastest casino payout methods below.

Instant Withdrawal and Fast Banking Options

Half of the challenge in choosing the perfect instant withdrawal casino and banking option, is in understanding the types of options available; as well as how they work. As this will tell you just how quick or slow they actually are.

So below you will find examples of instant withdrawal casino banking and the companies who operate them.


Being as were talking about fast casino payout providers, it makes sense to start with the quickest. Much like other online payments, E-Wallets are a type of transfer method rather than an actual provider or brand. This means that casinos have a wide range to offer their customers, but each have their own advantages and disadvantages. So what E-wallets are available and are most common?

  • PayPal
  • Neteller
  • Instadebit
  • MuchBetter

This may not come as a shock but PayPal casino withdrawals are the most popular when it comes to E-Wallets. One of the biggest online payment handlers in the world is widely accepted in the gambling community, but is it the fasted?

The truth is, PayPal is just as quick as Neteller or even MuchBetter casino banking. Often the withdrawals are instant if you request funds within the working day, or the following morning at the latest. Unfortunately, despite it being popular, withdrawing funds using Instadebit can take approximately 3-5 working days.

Another aspect to take in to account when selecting instant payout casinos, is fees. If withdrawing funds to a PayPal account then transferring the cash to your bank, there are no fees. However, if you withdraw to your bank via other providers, then there may be fees involved; some are even putting high percentage based fees in place.

So choosing the right E-Wallet is vitally important when selecting a fast payout casino. If they don’t offer the right one, then you could be waiting days or paying high fees.

Debit Cards

fast payout casino banking optionsThis withdrawal method doesn’t really need much explanation, as it’s something that is used in everyday life; both online and offline. But how quickly do you get your casino winnings when using it?

The main reason for using debit cards comes in the form of convenience. We all have bank accounts, which all come with a contactless chip and pin card. Therefore there is nothing to be done other than add your card details to you online casino wallet.

There are also no fees incurred when making instant casino withdrawal requests. But unfortunately the time it takes to receive your cash can vary greatly. Depending on which bank you use and the customer services department of your casino, withdrawing funds can take anything from 24hrs to 7 days. The day on which you submit your request can also play a part, as transfers generally only take place during business working hours.

Bank Transfer

As with debit cards, this is a method that every player has easy access to. Again there is no need to open a new online payment account, or pass additional verification processes. Every single online casino offers bank transfers, but it’s possibly one of the most underutilised methods.

The reason it doesn’t appear to be very popular is purely due to the time it take to process payment requests. On average it can take between three and five working days to receive your cash, making it anything but an instant withdrawal casino option.

However, as the payment is moved directly between the casinos bank and your bank, it is one of the safest available. People who prefer to use it generally do so for the fraud prevention factor, we would also presume they’re not in any rush for the cash.


I bet we’ve got your attention with this one. Cryptocurrencies have been taking the world by storm in recent years, with new currencies popping up on a weekly basis. The most popular is obviously Bitcoin, but Ethereum and Litecoin are also rising in popularity.

Unfortunately though, there are only a handful of Bitcoin casino sites available. So options for direct withdrawal are limited. However, some e-wallets like Neteller have recently started processing cryptocurrencies.

So if your current casino or gambling site hasn’t yet got to grips with digital currencies, e-wallets can be used as a middle man. But what are the benefits of using them and are they the best online casino fast payout option?

The likes of Bitcoin aren’t all too common with most gamblers, but don’t let that put you off. If you value your privacy, then the anonymity offered by digital currencies may make them the perfect option for you. Also, as all transaction are carried out in the digital realm, payments are received immediately; making it the only true instant withdrawal casino option.

However, in order to freely spend your winnings, you will need to convert your BTC to real money. This is usually handled within your digital wallet, such as Coinbase. Once this has been done, you can then request to have the money moved to your registered bank account. But as with most bank transfers it can take a few days.

Fast Withdrawal Slot Sites

If you like to spin those slot reels at online casinos, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can also quickly request your cash from fast withdrawal slot sites. We know your probably thinking “what’s the difference between casino and slot sites?” Well although most casinos offer a variety of slots, some specialise in and focus their efforts on live casino or standard table games.

This was another factor we considered when selecting our best online casinos that payout fast. Not only do they offer excellent card and table games, they also offer the best slot games currently available. When selecting new slot sites, it’s worth paying attention to slot game providers. The best titles are usually provided by household slot game programmers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Barcrest and Nektan.

So when you’re looking for a new instant payout casino for slot games, keep an eye out for their logos in the slots section.

How to Make a Fast Withdrawal Request at Casinos

You’ve just landed a big win on boku poker or playing your favourite slot game, but now you want your cash and you want it fast. So how exactly do you go about getting your casino payout quickly?

Step 1 – Make the Instant Payout Request

quick casino payout with cryptocurrenciesThere’s an old adage “if you don’t ask, you don’t get”, the same goes for your winnings. You will need to visit the cashier section of one of our best casinos that payout fast. This is where you will see all of their baking options to make your quick withdrawal. Only the best casinos will offer a wide variety of payout methods, so all you need to do is select your preferred option; based on the speed at which you need your money.

Step 2 – Withdrawal Processing by the Casino

Now you’ve made your request for funds, unfortunately the next stage is all down to the casino. Both large and reputable casinos tend to be the quickest for processing requests, due to the resources available to them. The best way to gauge this is by either playing at a nationally recognised brand, check their software provider or check to see if they are registered with the UK gambling commission.

Fortunately this tends to be quick in most cases, depending on the payment handler you have chosen; with digital wallets being the fastest.

Step 3 – Player Verification

If this is your first fast payout request at a new casino, there will also be a few hurdles to jump before you can get your cash.

Most sites, especially UK based casinos, are legally required to verify their players before allowing them to make withdrawals. This includes requesting proof of identity and even in some cases providing proof of earnings; in order to establish no criminal or illegal activity is taking place. Therefore we recommend completing this step as soon as you sign up at a new casino, that way your withdrawal won’t be held up.

Step 4 – Transaction Processing by Withdrawal Providers

As you have probably gathered by now, depending on who you use to handle your instant casino payout request, the payment can be fast or slow. If you select an E-Wallet, then you can have your money within 24 hours. But card or bank requests can take days to process.

Our preferred method of withdrawal has always been PayPal, as we can leave the winnings in our wallet; then use it to make purchases instantly online without having to use the money in our bank. There are also no fees to be paid when processing these payments.

Summary of Instant Payout Casinos

We admit there is a lot of information to take in here, so we will quickly give you the basic aspects to look for; especially if you are still confused as to which casinos offer the fastest payout options.

Simply make sure the casino you choose is reputable, has the fast banking option you desire and also offers an instant contact option; should you run in to any problems when processing your withdrawal.

So all that is left to do now is to get playing your favourite slots and casino games, knowing that if you win you can now get your cash quickly. Happy Gaming!