Most casino gamblers will have never heard of the game Pachinko, which is a shame because it is a really fun online option. The origins of the game are really interesting and begin in the good old USA, but it is the transition of Pachinko to being Japan’s favourite pastime which will really intrigue you. So, what are Pachinko games online and which are the best casino sites to play it on. Our online guide will be a trusted resource for you on everything Pachinko, including how to play it and our tips for a successful gaming time.

What Is Pachinko and How Do You Play It?

Pachinko Games OnlineThe Pachinko board pretty much looks like a vertical pinball machine, but without the bumpers at the bottom. In comparison the online version is a cross between the pinball style and a slot game, which is an intriguing combination.

Within the online and land-based versions you will see ball bearings being launched onto the board, using a control button. You will purchase a certain number of balls for a set price, with the aim of returning with more balls than you started with. Alike pinball, the ball bearings will bounce around certain obstacles until they either disappear or hit a bonus bucket, where you will win more balls or even a jackpot payout if you land in the optimal zone.

The launch button enables the player to shoot the ball at differing strengths i.e., from soft to hard. This ability to adapt the speed of the ball means you can work out the best way to launch it, so it reaches the target. As a rule of thumb, the farther right you turn the control, the harder the ball will be fired. The key is to find that sweet spot where you a) don’t overshoot which will cause the ball to disappear in the exit chute (too hard) or b) the ball doesn’t release (too soft). For most players, Pachinko is thought to be a game of chance, but many fans will explain that there is a skill to becoming a master player.

The slot machine element of the game will begin if you land a ball in either an upper or middle level bucket. You’ll then have the chance to play a mini feature or bonus game, such as matching three symbols on a set of slot reels and if you do, then you’ll win more balls to play with.

It is the ball bearings in the game that are the currency, and you will see that they are each worth a specific amount. As with other online games you will find that the value of the balls can vary on each Pachinko game. Once the round is over you can either cash out or use your winnings to play another game. Of course, if you have played through all the balls before the end of the round, then your game is sadly over.

We mentioned above that Pachinko is popular in Japan, so much so that they have parlors all over the country full of land-based machines. But we’ll delve into the history of the game below because it’s quite interesting. Many online gamblers in other countries are looking for something a little different to their normal gaming choice, which has led to software developers introducing Pachinko into our little online gambling world and boy are we grateful. You will even find that most sites will have Pachinko 3D which is a whole new experience to enjoy.

The History and Origins of Pachinko

Pachinko maybe a staple of Japanese culture, but it actually began in the windy city, Chicago. A toy company based there created a wooden version of pinball as a child’s toy and named it Corinth. A larger version of the game became a staple in Japan in the 1920’s and could be found in sweet shops, with an aim to keep the kids in there longer buying more confectionary delights. The game was known as Pachi Pachi by the children, in reference to the sound it made as the ball was fired.

During World War 2 most of the games were scrapped and used for metal, but there was a resurgence after the war ended. People were looking for entertainment but had very little money and there were surplus ball bearings made during the war.

The actual first adult Pachinko parlor was introduced in 1930 in Nagoya and became so popular that 35 parlours opened in six months. Aside from the gap during WWII, Pachinko became a Japanese favourite, and this is in a country which banned gambling in 1907. Although the number of parlors has decreased you will still find them in most towns and cities. Alike slot machines they have evolved to give the player what they want. Newer versions of the machine offer immersive sounds and lighting effects, with digital wheels which launch the balls. You’ll find themed games from movies, anime, sports, bands and TV shows.

The History and Origins of PachinkoPachinko has avoided the label of gambling in Japan because of a few clever loopholes. In Japan the law prohibits any games where you are rewarded with money. Parlours can instead offer a more tangible prize, whether that is food, drink or the more often chosen token. Each player can choose to take this token from the premises to another shop where it is ‘sold’ for the value on the token. The owner of the parlor and shop will be the same person, but they keep them separate and as such the law does not classify it as gambling.

Best Online Casino’s to Play Pachinko Slots

The growth of online gambling around the world has led to an interest in new options, which is why Pachinko has become the latest trend for gamers. But what are the best Casino sites for those of you who fancy giving this game a try? Here are our chosen sites which are all UK Gambling Commission licenced (UKGC).

Our top casino Pachinko sites will provide you with incredible bonuses, a wide range of banking methods and are incredibly easy to use. Some of them will offer demo versions of Pachinko, so this may be an option for those of you who are not sure if this is your type of game. Because of UKGC regulations, demo options are only accessible for registered players on the casino.

Pachinko Games on Mobile

Most Online gaming sites will have mobile compatibility, and this includes the option for Pachinko games. So, the choice is yours, you can play on your mobile or even on your desktop or laptop. The ability to play on mobile gives gamblers the freedom to game as they choose and where they choose, all you need is an internet connection.

Pachinko Online Machine Formats

There are two versions to online Pachinko games on most casino sites and they are traditional and mobile. The standard game is designed for desktop options and looks more like a traditional land-based version of the game. Mobile is obviously available on iPhone, android and tablets, and has been adapted to suit a smaller screen.

How to Increase your Odds of Winning

As with most online games, Pachinko is purely a game of chance and as such there is little you can do to increase your ability to win. We did mention above about the varying speeds element and how the game is all about finding that sweet spot. So that is something you can play around with to make it a little more interesting.

You will find that the average RTP (return to player) for Pachinko games is 95%, so a little lower than slots. It also has a high volatility which means the wins don’t land often, but when they do, they are big.

Summary of Pachinko Games Online and the Best Sites to Play

Not only is it a new type of game, which is exciting for those of you who have become a little tired of casino and slots. But the best part of Pachinko is that it doesn’t need a lot of skill to play. It is incredibly straightforward, unlike a lot of the table casino games and even some of the bonus features on our favourite slots.

We always recommend that if you’re unsure about a game, that you firstly look for it via a search engine and then watch videos online. You can then look for a site which provides the game in demo mode, so that you can play for free and see if you want to use real money afterwards.

Hopefully this guide has provided the information you need, as well as a little history lesson into Japanese culture. Not only have we made it incredibly easy for you by giving you the names of trusted casino sites, but we have ensured that they are all licenced by the UKGC.

What you will find when you begin playing Pachinko is the sheer fun of the game. There’s no strategizing needed, you simply let those balls fly and hopefully you end up with more than you started with. We can understand why there has been a surge in popularity for this great game and we hope to see many more versions and themes being developed in the future.