The iconic term ‘high roller’ makes you think of those Las Vegas movies with the rich gambler throwing their cash around the casino such as Casino and Rain Man. But what exactly does it mean to be a high roller and what lengths do you have to go to so that you can become one? We’re here with the answers to your questions; what is a high roller and what are the top high roller casinos online.

Who Are High Rollers in Online Casino’s?

High rollers, or as they can sometimes be called ‘whales’, are gamers who like to bet big. This means they will spend a lot of money on their casino games, which tends to be roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines. The term is interchangeable for players at both online and land-based casinos. What makes them stand out from us everyday gamers, is the sheer quantity of credit they can blow through in a gaming session. As you can imagine most online casinos will vie for the attention of these players, so they offer additional rewards such as days out and cash back bonuses. This tends to be available under the sites VIP programme, where to enjoy the top privileges, you have to be prepared to bet large.

If you’re thinking that there’s no chance you’d be considered a high roller, then we may have a surprise for you. Although reputationally they can spend thousands on one play in a casino, this isn’t necessarily how it’s done online. Online gamblers tend to play a lot more than land-based players, so by betting smaller amounts more often you can still be classed as a high roller. Rather than basing it simply on the amount wagered, online sites consider the amount, the type of game played and the length of time you’re gambling for.

This is where online gaming can be more beneficial than playing in an actual casino. If you’re in the casino you are relying on someone determining you have bet enough to be considered worthy of the high roller status. Whereas in online gambling it’s all established by data and facts, so if you reach the criteria then you’re in.

Differences Between Land-based and Online High Rollers

best high roller online casinosEven though online casinos attempt to replicate their land-based counterpart, there are still very obvious differences between the two. This is particularly apparent in the perks that high rollers receive as they wager. If you’re a land-based gamer then those rewards tend to be physical enticements such as limousines, beautiful hotel rooms and even private planes to get you to the casino.

As you can imagine this reward system wouldn’t work with an online gambler, although a private plane does sound pretty great. Instead, you will find that this type of player is offered intangible goods, such as cash bonuses or free spins. This will extend their playing time and hopefully enhance their fun, which is the primary objective.

Why Become a High Roller?

You will find that most regular online players will be registered with a number of sites, mainly to take advantage of the bonuses and limit their losses. High rollers will do the opposite and stay with one site to ensure they maintain their status as a high gambling player. By throwing all of their eggs into one basket, surely they are taking a higher risk for bigger losses. So why would anyone want to be a high roller?

If you normally opt to remain on one casino and play on a regular basis, then becoming a high roller may not be as difficult as it sounds. Each time you wager you will earn points and it is these points that move you though the VIP programmes levels. Each level has additional rewards which can be enjoyed by the player, and you can normally find out what they are under dedicated VIP sections on the casino sites. If you cannot see a specific VIP page, then you will find the information within the terms and conditions. Qualifying tends to revolve around gameplay, but if you need more information then you can contact the site.

For those of you who haven’t looked into the rewards available on a VIP scheme, here are a few examples of what you can expect.

Personal VIP Account Manager

On most casino sites you will find that because you are a VIP player, you have access to an account manager. This is to ensure you receive the best customer service and that any problems are immediately resolved. High rollers tend to have a VIP telephone number to call with any questions, which would make sense because these are the people you want to keep happy. The VIP Account Managers are there to ensure high rollers are given the ultimate experience, whether it’s solving queries or offering little perks such as bonuses, without needing senior management approval.

Exclusive Bonuses

After spending so much of your own hard-earned money, sometimes it’s good to get something for nothing. Most high roller VIP schemes will offer a percentage reward scheme which could include bonus credit or spins on your preferred slot game. Because every site offers a VIP scheme, you will find casinos are becoming more inventive in the extras they offer. We would recommend that you ensure the bonuses are what you want, by contacting the site and asking what types of rewards they are known to offer.

Access to Private Tournaments

For those of you who like to be a bit more competitive, then why not try a private tournament. These are invite only and tend to be for a small select group of players, so you can only access them if you are a high roller. Private tournaments are the reward that top players prefer, firstly because they enjoy the excitement of the games, and they offer amazing cash prizes. You will find tournaments on games such as slots, blackjack and poker, and they are usually free to join.

This type of reward is a great way for the casino to gather their top players together, so they can battle it out for the chance of winning big. There’s also the chance that they will play other games during the tournament too, so it’s a win win for the casino.

High Roller Bonus Cash Back

Cash back is always a big incentive for high rollers, because the higher the percentage the more likely they will play on your casino. Even though this type of gambler likes to spend a lot of their own money, they do like to get a little extra back in return.

Higher Deposit / Bet Limits and Easier Withdrawals

Every gambling site has a maximum and minimum deposit limit, which can be a bug bear for many players. But as a high roller you will find that most casinos will amend this policy and allow bigger deposits, especially in comparison to regular players. They will conduct a financial check initially to ensure that you have the funds, this is known in the industry as a source of wealth check. If you are a high roller and you do not see your credit limit increase, then you should contact the site and query why.

Similarly, the withdrawal process is also easier for high rollers than regular players. As you can imagine the sites would prefer any winnings to remain in the site, but they know that they need to keep their top players happy.

Special Event Bonus

On special occasions such as an anniversary of when you joined or your birthday, you will receive special bonuses as a way to celebrate. Most sites will send an email congratulating you and confirming what bonus you will receive and how to access it. Now you may find that some bonuses require you to add credit or play a certain game, but most will be free bonus spins or credit on games you regularly enjoy.

Higher Table Limits

Very similar to the high deposit limits, in that for general players there can be set table limits when they bet. Because the casino site expects a high roller to wager bigger amounts, then the table limit will be higher. If you are betting larger amounts, then you tend to be given access to a table with a higher betting limit, so that you are closer in stake to the other players.

Invitation to Exclusive VIP Events

It’s hard for us to definitively tell you what is in store for you with this exclusive perk, because really it could be anything. Tickets to sporting events or concerts, spa days and even access to high roller tournaments in other countries. This will only be offered to the top players in the VIP scheme, but it is definitely something you can work towards.

The nice part of it is that it’s not specifically about playing online games, so it does feel like an extra bonus. You’re not being asked to bet more to enjoy it, like most of the other rewards. It is simply the site thanking you for being loyal to them and hopefully keeping you there in the future.

How to Pick a High Roller Casino

Our choices for the best high roller casinos are.

The decision on which high roller casino is not easy, so to make it stress free we have picked a few things to help you make your choice.

Reputable and trustworthy site – If you’re aiming to win big, then you want to make sure that the site you play on is trustworthy and will pay out. Not every site will offer a high roller the ultimate gambling experience, so they need to be incredibly choosy with their custom. The first step would be to ensure the site is licenced by the relevant gambling authorities, for example the UK Gambling Commission. Playing on a regulated site means that they have to follow a number of rules and a code of practice so that they can keep their licence. So, if you did win a large amount then you have a better chance of being paid.

High Deposit amount – We’ve touched upon deposit amounts above, but it’s an important aspect to think about when you’re picking a casino as a high roller. There’s no point even registering on the site if they don’t offer high enough bet sizes in their table casino and slot games. If you’re unsure, then we would always recommend contacting the site.

High withdrawal amount – Withdrawal amounts can be a sticky subject for many online gamblers, because most would assume that whatever you win you can immediately withdraw. This isn’t always the case, because the casino you play on may not have the funds available. This is why they tend to have daily, weekly and monthly withdrawal limits, which means that you can only remove the winnings in small chunks.

Good customer service – Sadly this isn’t always a given for every casino site and you will only discover how great they are at the worst time. Most high rollers are offered extra special customer service because of the money they can bring to the casino. If you’re choosing a new gaming site, then it may be worth asking them a few questions to see what kind of responses and support you get back before taking the plunge.

Secure casino software – Is the site ran by knowledgeable providers who will ensure it is secure and as such your money and details are safe? Especially when you may have quite a bit of money within your casino wallet.

Unlimited Bonuses – Sometimes being a high roller doesn’t bring all the perks that you would expect. A number of casinos don’t offer bonuses for high rollers, simply because they couldn’t afford the cost of a big win. If you’re a player who likes to take advantage of promotions, then it is worth asking the casino if they have minimum and maximum deposit limits on their bonuses.

Payment Methods for High Rollers

Most gamblers but especially high rollers want their gaming experience to be simple and easy. The banking method you choose will have a significant impact on how quickly your money hits your casino wallet, or your bank account if it’s a withdrawal.

Most players want to remove any winnings in one lump sum, but depending on the amount this may not be possible. The site has to ensure it has adequate funds to support all of its players, so if you win big then you may receive your money in small weekly or monthly intervals. This will all be stated in the casino’s terms and conditions.

If you choose to use e-wallets then you should see the money transferred within a 24 hour period, which is why they are so popular. E-wallets such as Paypal, Skrill and Ilixium offer additional security checks and an encryption software to ensure that they are not hackable.

Best Casino Games for High Rollers

best casino games for high rollersSo, you’ve done your research and you’ve picked a site which caters for high rollers. Most of these sites will offer an array of slots and table casino games, but you want to specifically look for sites which have special VIP tables reserved for high rollers only.

This should be more around roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat online, live dealer and online craps, but the focal element is the size of the bet limit. There will still be cap limits on the high roller tables, it will just be much higher than the normal casino tables. The main things to look for when wagering a lot of money, is games with a high RTP and a lower house edge. This is the smarter way to play, and it will increase your advantage over the gaming site.

Table Games

Table games seem to be the preferred options for most high rollers out there and there are sites which cater specifically to this type of gambler. Some games such as blackjack and baccarat will double up, and even on real money roulette online games you can increase your stake amount from the everyday player.


The perfect option for the competitive high roller is a tournament, which tends to be for table games such as poker and baccarat. What truly makes this ideal is the fact that as a high roller, you are playing with other high rollers. This means that they should generally be on the same skill level as you and be willing to gamble similar levels of money. But probably the most enticing feature of tournaments are the incredible prizes which can be won.

Lightning Roulette and High Rollers

Although this isn’t a fan favourite for everyday players, lighting roulette does seem to appeal to high rollers, which is probably why most of you won’t have heard of it. This game was designed by Evolution Gaming and although it looks like a standard roulette game, it offers the opportunity for bigger bets.

After every spin, random multipliers are added to certain lucky numbers, and you can choose to bet on the standard line up and additional lucky numbers. This means that you could win on your standard number, but it might have a multiplier attached to it for example 100x the amount.

Slots for High Rollers

When choosing a slot game, you want to consider the RTP because generally slots are determined by how much you wager. This is why it may be worth getting advice from the site on which slot game to choose for your betting average. But if you prefer a trustworthy source, then here are a few of our favourite options.


Summary of What is a High Roller – Best High Roller Online Casinos

You now have a good idea of what being a high roller means and whether or not you want to become one. If you are considering upping your game to a high roller status, then our suggestion would be looking at your gambling sites VIP programme. By checking this out you can work out what it means for you, how much you would have to spend and what rewards you would receive back.

Of course, perks and extras are great, but the long term goal of gaming online is enjoyment. Our biggest tip is to only spend what you can afford, because no reward is worth getting into debt for. If you struggle to control your betting, then you may need support from organisations such as

You have to be aware that being a high roller can take time and certainly takes money, so it isn’t for the faint hearted or vulnerable. If you are given a high roller status, then this doesn’t mean that you will be classed as that for life. It will depend on how often you wager and your bankroll, so really consider if it is worth it for the bonuses.