There are so many factors to consider when you are choosing a new online betting site. We’ve covered so many of these in our other guides and even helped you by providing our choices of a good gambling site. If we were to ask you what you factor into your decision, we can imagine you would say ‘the games’, ‘what banking options are available’ or even ‘I love a good welcome bonus’. But have you ever thought to consider the security at online casinos UK? Would you know how to check to make sure your chosen gambling site was secure?

Even a site with the highest security software cannot promise one hundred percent safety. But why not choose a gambling home which makes sure we are as protected as possible. In this guide we are going to explain what casino security means, how to check that the site has put measures in place, if the casino is properly licenced and how they make sure that all games are fair and accurate.

The key to online security is making sure that the site you choose is reputable, so we will help you by providing a few of our choices and giving you the tools to check the casino yourself.

Why Focus on Internet Casino Safety?

We’ll start off by saying that the chances of an online casino being hacked is extremely rare. Most sites have the same level of encryption software that is used by the top finance companies, but we’ll explain more about that a little further on in this guide. Either way you want to ensure that not only your credit and winnings are safe, but also your personal and bank details. We have seen other types of businesses which have failed to protect their customers in this way and their personal information has been released online. That is why it is important to consider safety as part of your selection process for a new casino.

Which Online Casinos are Reputable?

online casino securityIf you’re not interested in all the background information and you’re simply looking for a good gambling site which you can trust, then here are a few of our favourites.

What Steps Should You Take to Find a Safe and Secure Gambling Site?

Online Casino Licencing

The first step is to ensure that the gambling site is licenced by the relevant authorities. So, if you are based in the UK, then it would be the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). You can check on the UKGC’s site as to whether a gambling site is registered with them, and this will assure you that they have met the minimum standards required by the commission.

Another important agency is the Malta Gaming Authority, who only give licences to sites that adhere to their strict regulations. This includes the level of security provided by the site and how the players information is held.

Casino Security Certificates

Reputable online casinos such as those licenced by the UKGC will have security information detailed on their site. Once you have determined that the site is regulated, then look towards the bottom of the homepage and you should see the gambling pages security certificate. Specialist operators such as Thawte will issue an SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate to the casino, which means that transactions and personal information are protected from hackers by an encryption software.

To delve a little deeper into Secure Sockets Layer or SSL, this security technology is used to establish an encrypted link between the server on the casino and the customer. This leads to private information such as bank details being transmitted securely, limiting the risk of a hacker interception.

The most common features of the encryption software are.

Passwords and Log In

Any accounts we provide personal information to and register with, will require a password for protection. Through the process of registering there will be additional security questions which you may be prompted with, should you forget your password in the future or in case your account is compromised. This is an essential line of defence to ensure that the gamblers money is protected.

ID and Age Verification

Due to the increased regulations within the gambling industry, casinos are now required to complete a process called ‘Know Your Customer’. To fulfil this condition, the player must provide adequate identification. This can be at the point they make an initial deposit, or when they attempt to withdraw any winnings. The process is to ensure that those who are vulnerable, and underage are protected, but also to reduce the risk of illegal gambling for example money laundering. Identification documents such as passports and utility bills are normally scanned and the uploaded to the casino site and it is this area that requires protection. The protection will obviously come from the encryption software, ensuring that only you and the casino have access to your information.

Random Number Generator (RNG) Testing

It would probably surprise you that it isn’t just personal information that is protected by the software. RNG is the way that the games designers can ensure fairness and it is triggered whenever we hit the ‘play’ button. The RNG algorithm will produce a random result using a pseudorandom number generator. This is done via a seed number which changes every millisecond. It uses the last number or last two numbers and applies a mathematic formula to produce the random outcome.

The fact that there is encryption software security on the site will ensure that it is not hacked and as such the RNG will remain reliable. The RNG is audited regularly by independent regulators, and you can see the results of this on any decent casino site.

Deposit Limits

Although the thought of deposit limits can seem like a frustration to many players, especially the high rollers out there. It can actually help the gambler as a form of security on their casino account. Very similar to what you will find on credit or store cards, there will be an initial limit to stop hackers taking advantage of your account. If someone did gain access, then both you and the casino will want to ensure limited damage occurs. The hacker will only be able to bet so much before the account is locked and you receive an alert in some format.

It’s not just wagering which will have limits impose, you will also find that withdrawing your winnings can be impacted. Again, this will be due to the site protecting the player, so that someone unscrupulous doesn’t clear out their bankroll.

Think About Your Payment Option

casino security certificates online

Yes, most banking methods are completely safe, but some are more than others. If you want to ensure a high level of security at your online casino, then consider how you deposit and withdraw your credit. The more popular options include:

A top tip we tend to look out for when we’re depositing is the lock icon in the URL bar or app. This image will indicate that the site you are using to make payments, has the latest SSL encryption technology. Or you could try these 3d secure casinos.

Security Tips to Protect Yourself as You Gamble Online

We’ve given you an idea of what to look out for when choosing a reputable casino, but here are a few areas which can enhance your security even more.

  • Regularly change your password – Most sites will prompt a password change on occasion, but we suggest making this a regular task, with your new login being complex and varied.
  • Remove any winnings – If a concern is your account being hacked, then an option may be to remove any winnings on a monthly basis. This means that should it happen, the amount taken would be minimal.
  • Do not store passwords on a public machine – Do not allow cookies or cache on machines which are not private.
  • Be careful on the gambling site you choose – Make sure that they are a trustworthy by checking their records, which should be made available on the site, i.e., payouts. Also are they regulated by the appropriate authorities and do they have SSL software in place. Finally, are players funds kept in segregated accounts, so that any winnings do not come from your deposits.
  • Check players reviews before you register with the casino – Reviews are the perfect way to establish how good or bad a gambling site is. Do they payout fairly, provide adequate customer support and offer a quality platform to ensure that games don’t glitch. You’re going to spend time and money with the casino, so make sure they are worthy of it.

Another option to protect you anonymity, is to choose a no account casino. This is a casino where no account is required, so all of your information is safe.

Summary of Security at Online Casinos UK

Most people when they open a new casino account will focus on certain aspects such as games and welcome bonuses. Sadly, the area which can really affect them is the security of the site, so that should be the prominent point of consideration.

In previous years gambling sites could get away with poor security on their software, but not anymore. The fact that they must now be regulated, means that they have to provide a safe and secure platform. Therefore, it is essential to check that a gaming site is licenced by regulators such as the UK Gambling Commission or the Malta Gaming Authority. Being licenced members shows that they view security as a priority.

If you want to really investigate the gambling site, then check out their terms and conditions to see what security measures they have adopted. Also look for their SSL and auditing certificate which can be found on the bottom of the page.