All gambling sites will have specific categories for their slots, with most being labelled ‘classic’ and ‘jackpot’. The difference between both is purely the progressive jackpot games and it is this we’re eager to delve into. If you have no idea what a progressive jackpot is, or whether it is something you want to try, then you’re in the right place. We’ll bring you everything you need to make an informed choice.

Progressive jackpots are basically slot games where the jackpot prize amount isn’t fixed. As you wager on the progressive slot game the prize fund will increase, and this is because a percentage of every qualifying wager is added to it. The prize pool will continually increase until someone is lucky enough to win, and then it will begin all over again.

The popularity of progressive jackpots has grown significantly, with game developers bringing out more and more slot options. The reason is probably obvious, because prizes can be an eye-opening amount and by that we mean millions of pounds. So, let’s look at how it all works and our best progressive jackpot casino sites.

What are Progressive Slots?

When you play on a classic slot you will find that the prize pool is dictated by the pay table and is shown as a fixed multiple of the line bet. Progressive games are different in that the jackpot is influenced by the number of gamblers who play on it, because their bets add to the prize amount until someone wins.

The way a progressive slot pays out can vary, with some doing so automatically at the point they reach a certain size. Most though are uncapped, which means they will grow and grow until an algorithm in the game triggers a win. This is the kind of game where you see incredible jackpots in the millions. The prize pool is shown in real time, which enhances the excitement as the player is watching the numbers add up.

Once that winner is announced then the prize amount will reset, and the jackpot will begin again at a predetermined minimum amount (known as the seed). Aside from the huge jackpot prize, as you wager on the game you will also have the opportunity to enjoy smaller wins. This is still a slot game after all and as such is influenced by the pay table.

As we have indicated above, when it comes to classic and jackpot slot games there is very little difference. Aside from the opportunity to grab an incredible prize, the progressive jackpot works the same as any other slot. Some will be dedicated progressive games, whereas others will connect with a jackpot network. To help make this easier to understand, we will give you two examples of popular slots.

  • Fluffy Favourites from Eyecon is a slot game found on most sites, but if you look on a few of the online casinos you will find that the prize amount will differ. This is because the game is individually set and as such you will only be competing against other players on that specific casino.
  • The popular Microgaming slot Mega Moolah is a little different in that it has a jackpot network. Every casino or betting site which hosts this specific game will be linked to one huge jackpot. This means that if you look at a variety of online casino sites then you will see that the prize amount will be the same on each.

Which you choose is completely down to you, but it will have an influence on the winning prize, because Fluffy Favourites can average around £30,000. In contrast due to the fact that Mega Moolah is on a network, the average payout is around a million.

What we like about progressive jackpots is the fact that there really are no bounds when it comes to the prize fund. Because the casino doesn’t pay for the jackpot prize and it is made up of contributions by the players, the more gamblers who wager the bigger it will be. If there are two winners, one immediately after the other, then the second winner would receive the seed amount.

As to whether the amount you bet will have an effect on your chance of bagging that jackpot; well, yes it might. As we have stated already when the jackpot will drop is completely random. But the average shows that the higher the bet, the greater the chance of winning.

The Progressive Jackpot Snowball Effect

We’re now fully aware of the fact that as the gambler wagers on a progressive game, the jackpot will grow. The more players the quicker this will speed up and it is this rapid increase which will attract more people to the game. That huge jackpot will continue to tempt more and more players which will create a snowball effect until a winner is announced.

Where to Find Progressive Jackpots

Finding a progressive game won’t be a problem because most betting sites will offer one or two in their extensive library. This is mainly due to the popularity of this type of game, which has not only increased the options, but also the jackpots; remember more players mean higher jackpots. Before you register with a site it maybe an idea to check how many they have available, because the bigger brands tend to give more choice.

When you’re on the betting sites games page, simply head to the video slots. Some have a specific jackpot section and of course you can always use the search option. After entering the game, you will see that the prize amount will be displayed, and it’s from there you can decide if you want to start betting or wait for the prize fund to increase.

Advice for Playing Progressive Jackpot Slots?

With odds of 50 million to 1 that you grab the progressive jackpot, the only way to ensure a win, is by playing. The reality is that it is all down to luck and perseverance, so most players simply enjoy spinning the reels and dreaming about being that fortune person.

Because you cannot win by technique, the best mindset to have is one of fun and enjoyment. If you’re intent on winning the top prize but you are annoyed at losing £10, then our advice would be not to wager any more than that. Pre-determine how much you can afford to lose before you start betting and make sure you stick to it. It is easy to get carried away at the thought of winning millions and betting way more than you can afford.

Best Casino Progressive Jackpot Slots Online

how are progressive jackpots paid out

Not only do we give you all the information you need about progressive slots, but we give you our top choices for casinos too. Most big gambling brands will offer a few jackpot options from top game designers such as Microgaming, IGT and NetEnt. So here are our picks for best progressive jackpot slots.

Return to Player (RTP’s) Average on Progressive Slots

Overall progressive jackpot slots will have a lower RTP than their highest RTP video slot counter parts. This is because the gaming site loses a percentage of the wagered bets into the jackpot fund. Take Fishin’ Frenzy from Reel Time Gaming which has an RTP of 96.12%. The jackpot version of the game which is connected to the Jackpot King network of progressives has an average 95.64% RTP. If your focus is on the main prize, then this is something that we just have to accept. But if you really want those small wins regularly, then it may be wiser to stick to the conventional video slots.

Progressive Jackpot Conditions to Be Aware of?

  • Generally, there are no set rules that you need to place a minimum bet. But most progressive slots require that the maximum number of pay lines or coins are played, to be eligible.
  • If you register on new gambling sites because you love their welcome casino bonuses, but you also enjoy progressive jackpots, then you may find yourself at a disadvantage. In many sites’ terms and conditions, you will find that any bonus credit from welcome or regular promotions cannot be used on progressive games. If the site does allow a bonus to be used, then make sure you are still eligible to win the jackpot prize.
  • You may be aware that terms and conditions such as wagering requirements can be added to any extras or bonuses you receive. If that is your situation then a progressive slot probably isn’t the game to help you work through it. How quickly the wagering amount reduces is dependent on the game you choose to play. Most slots have a game weighting of 100%, so if you wager £1 then £1 comes off your wagering. But most progressive jackpots have a game weighting of 50%, so for that same £1, you will only remove 50p from your wagering.
  • On most betting sites within the terms and condition there will be a promotions and media clause, specifically for players who land massive wins. This will give the casino the rights to use your name and image in any media stories, in an aim to boost their brand. Although most of you will be in acceptance of this, it is worth being aware of.
  • Probably the most important point for a winner of a jackpot prize is when will they receive the money. Because progressive prizes can be so vast, there tends to be sections in the terms and conditions stating that the site may opt to pay the winner in monthly instalments over a given period. Again, if you eagerly want that big win, then make sure you check the terms and conditions, so you have full knowledge for the future.


What are Progressive Jackpots – A Summary

With life changing jackpots it is easy to see why progressive slots are so popular. But there will always be pros and cons to this type of game, more specifically on the cons side; the effects of terms and conditions on how you are paid out and whether you are eligible at all for the winning amount. Yes, you can still win the average smaller bets as shown on the pay table, but that isn’t the reason people play progressive games and you’ll end up with a lower RTP. As we have mentioned before, our advice would be to approach the games simply for enjoyment and not the enticing prize.