We all know what bingo is, whether you’ve played it in a bingo hall, a local pub or online. But you may not have come across its new incarnation called multi stake bingo. This online bingo game varies from the original version and means that you can play at a lower cost. But what makes it a fan favourite is the fact that you can even out the odds, so all players have the same chance to win, making it much fairer.

The Problems with Regular Bingo and Max Cards

If we think about the typical Boku bingo game, your odds of winning with the card you purchase are equal to any other card. This means that your chance of winning is completely dependent upon the number of cards in play. How much you win generally depends on whether the game has a fixed prize pot or if it’s a percentage of the ticket sales. Players try to increase their odds of winning by purchasing more bingo cards for the game. It’s this that often makes people wonder, can bingo be fixed?

When you buy the paper-based version of bingo tickets, you tend to find that there are six tickets numbered between 1 and 90 balls: with each number appearing only once. The online version is the same, but you can purchase a higher maximum card amount. The reason for this may seem obvious, but if you’re playing on the paper version then it’s only possible to play a small number of cards at once. Online they have auto daub which means that you can play a crazy number of cards, with some sites allowing ninety during each game.

Before deciding how many cards you want to play, you should think about the variance. We have written previously about the volatility and variance on slot games, but essentially the same process applies to bingo. You will find that the more cards you purchase and play, you will win small amounts less frequently. This means that generally the fewer cards you have, the higher variance and as such you should enjoy bigger wins less frequently.

What is Multi Stake Bingo and Why Bother Playing?

what is multi stake bingoThere has been a shift in the popularity of bingo over recent years, with many players moving over to slots. Although the current bingo system is low cost, it doesn’t provide the excitement of other gaming options. To have a chance of winning you’ll need to purchase a few tickets, which can really add up over a number of games. If you choose to go all out and increase your probability of winning, then you will want to buy the maximum card amount. For an average 5p game on 96 cards this will add up to £4.80, and if there is a new game every two or three minutes then the cost will really rack up.

The solution to this is multi stake bingo, because unlike the original you can choose your own stake. There is a benefit for both the players and gambling sites, in that every bettor can daub no matter their budget.

Say normally the ticket price was 5p, in multi stake bingo you will have the option to pay between 5p and £1 (so you could choose 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and so on). Once you choose your ticket amount, for example 10p, then you cannot buy another ticket for a different amount. Basically, you are locked into this prize for all of the tickets in that game. When you start the next game you can change the amount, but if you’re buying more than one card make sure you consider the full cost.

Alike the normal bingo games, if you play multi stake bingo you have the same chance of winning as other bettors. The main difference between the two options is when you win, because your prize is worked out as a multiple of your stake. To give an example, if you paid the 10p minimum stake with a prize of £10, then a bet of £2 would generate a £200 win. This means that players can be more individual and choose their budget as each stake has a different payout, making the game more thrilling. You may have paid £1 for your ticket, whereas another player paid 10p, but you’ll receive a bigger win on the one line, two line and full house.

Due to the fact that this is an incredibly new version of bingo, there are sadly not many options. We did find some such as Super Prize Bingo at Sky Bingo, Bingo 60 or Pulse at Tombola and the 50 Ball Bingo or Play It Your Way at Gala Bingo.

Summary of What is Multi Stake Bingo

Sadly, over the years the online version of bingo has gone a little stale when you compare it to the excitement of featured slots. But this new option is sure to make every type of gambler happy. It provides a more balanced variance giving everyone an equal chance of winning, but this will still depend on the number of tickets bought for that game.

For those of you who are risk averse, then you have a difficult choice to make, because multi stake games can improve your chance of winning but only by a small amount. Instead, if you chose the everyday bingo game on the lower stake, then you’ll reduce your odds of winning, but the prize pot should be larger. This means you may have a choice to make, or maybe even play both to see what suits you.

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